When I became a mum for the first time, during my pregnancy and then after the birth, as my daughter grew into a Toddler I became more and more frustrated that it was almost impossible to find products, of good quality for pregnant mums, babies and toddlers.

In Rwanda we have wonderful seamstresses and ingenious artisans more than capable of making the wonderful toys and accessories I saw in Europe. Why should Rwanda parents and their children settle for having to pay high prices for things from overseas that are often of a very low quality, when we could design and create everything we needed here! So my frustration grew into a dream – to create a range of high quality Rwandan made products and accessories specifically for Mums, babies and toddlers. And so Toddle Care was born.

Of course to move from a dream to reality is not an easy process and we are still very much at the beginning of what is proving to be a very exciting journey and we invite you to join us on it. We have loads of ideas for products but we can always use more. If you are a frustrated mum, dad or toddler in Rwanda, please do get in contact and let us know what you would love to get hold of and we will do our best to create the solution for you. We try and source all our materials locally (wherever that is possible) and the use Rwanda artisans to make our products, which means each purchase you make is helping the local economy.

Our hearts desire is that not only will Toddle Care provide awesome products but also be a place where you can gather useful information on pregnancy, birth and childcare. And also share your own experiences and gain support from other mums and dads in Rwanda. We know how tough parenting can be and having others to just share some of your struggles with can make all the difference.

Our Team
Ritah Uwera
Managing Director
I am the founder, designer and creator of Toddle Care. I work day in and day out with a range of different Rwanda artisans on product design and development. We work hard to ensure the highest quality is achieved in every item we produce.
Joyeuse Uwitonze
Shop Manager
She works closely with all our artisans to make sure that the quality needed is achieved, Identify and find new potential artisans as well as managing our boutique’s day today activities.
Francine Kawera
Customer Liason
Warmly welcomes our customers in our boutique, receive and process customer orders, manage stock and daily reports.